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          My Maternal Family Tree 2011

Quilts by Khristel Johnson

At the age of ten my mother signed me up to take sewing classes at the local community center. While my preference of after school activities was a robust game of tetherball, I knew better then to object to this assignment.  While I feared the strict military style of the teacher, I came to appreciate the creative medium the class provided. I would later explore other creative avenues including knitting, embroidery, smocking and applique.  I thank my mother for her guidance and patience and my sewing instructor, Mrs. Brooks, who provided me with the foundational skills that helped to launch quilts by Khristel Johnson.   

The Courage of Our Ancestors

A student of life, parent of two and educator for over 30 years I have always celebrated learning.  As a teacher I mastered my subject matter and engaged in communicating the American story provided in assigned text books and resources. While I questioned I complied with state and board requirements. It would be years later when I was faced with a racially motivated challenge that I began to seek comfort through the stories  and history of my African ancestors. What began with a single discovery about "Pitt Schools" quickly multiplied into a  series of unplanned fabric squares that I later constructed into a quilt.  The more I knew the more I wanted to know. 

Today I have over 30 quilts that I have displayed in a variety of venues. It is my hope that my quilted tapestries will serve to inspire others to embark on their personal journey of discovery. 

Authentic African Prints and Beads

Each quilt is uniquely designed using authentic African fabrics, beads and textures creating  a unique 3-D effect. Hand applique, embroidery,  creative imagery and the integration of artifacts  frame and create a depth and emphasis that serve to tell the African American story in a diversified and visually inviting manner.   

Each quilt is uniquely designed and inspired by  individual stories and historical events I seek to convey.


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